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sayola briney
Sayola Briney

Sayola Briney, MBA


Dedicated to building rewarding client relationships

Sayola’s career is a perfect example of how people and relationships remain essential, even in a highly technical field like structural engineering. Her 25 years of experience in the industry began as an administrative assistant with FWC. From there Sayola displayed a talent and passion for improving FWC’s daily operations, primarily by getting to know people and listening to the issues they were facing. This, coupled with her desire for higher education and earning a masters degree in business, has brought her success and growth within the company. She has a keen understanding of how to work and grow relationships with each individual client.


Client relationships and team building.


Master of Business Administration
Pepperdine University

Bachelor of Science Management
Pepperdine University


Developing business development strategies, marketing material, and brand recognition. Production and implementation of operational processes to meet long term corporate goals.